Metabo Welding Transformers and Rectifiers SB 160 C User Manual

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115 117 9491 / 2402 - 3.2 / de, en, fr, nl
Achtung! Lesen Sie diese Anleitung vor der Installation und Inbetriebnahme aufmerksam durch.
Attention! Carefully read through these instructions prior to installation and commissioning.
Attention ! Prière de lire attentivement la présente notice avant l'installation et la mise en service.
Oppassen! Lees deze instructies voor de installatie en ingebruikname aandachtig door.
Schweißgeräte mit stufenloser Regelung
Operating Instructions
Welding Transformers and Rectifiers
with Stepless Current Control
Instructions d'utilisation
Appareil de soudure avec réglage en continu
Lasapparaten met traploze instelling
SB 160 C / SB 200 CT
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - SB 160 C / SB 200 CT

115 117 9491 / 2402 - 3.2 / de, en, fr, nlAchtung! Lesen Sie diese Anleitung vor der Installation und Inbetriebnahme aufmerksam durch.Attention! Caref

Page 2 - SB 160 C - SB 200 C

For Fillet Welds "a" is the throat width size. The throat width should be at least x 0.7 the plate thickness of thethinner plate.4.1 Weld Ty

Page 3 - 1 Specifications

4.2 Weld Flaws and possible Causes - Shown on Fillet Welds21Attach earth clamp as close as possible to the weld. Structural components, beams, pipes o

Page 4

6 Wiring Diagrams6 Schaltpläne6 Schémas électriques6 Schakelschema's42NL1L2CEE Plug3P+N+PECEE Adapter3P+N+PENL1L2Red LightPlug230 V400 V400 V230

Page 5 - Penetration depth

SB 200 CT (230/400 V)43NL1L2CEE Plug3P+N+PECEE Adapter3P+N+PENL1L2Red LightIIIPlug230 V400 V400 V230 VSchwitch PositionsContactsN - NL1 - L1L2 - L2230

Page 6 - Code for Welding Position

Country; Company; Address 1; Address 2; City; Phone; Fax; E-mailAlbania; Extra Industrial Goods; Rl. Fadil Rada 88; ; Tirana; (+355) 42 - 3 30

Page 7

D DEUTSCH ENG ENGLISHKONFORMITÄTSERKLÄRUNG DECLARATION OF CONFORMITYWir erklären in alleiniger Verantwortlichkeit, daß dieses Produkt mit den folge

Page 8 - Arc starting

1 Specifications2 Taking a Single-Phase Machine Into Operation2.1 Taking a Combination 1-Ph/2-Ph Machine into Operation3 General Information for Weldi

Page 9 - 4 Welding Hints

Example:Stick electrode DIN 913 - E 43 3 2 AR 7Type of electrode Number of DIN standardCode for manual electric arc weldingCode number for tensile

Page 10 - 4.1 Weld Types

3.1.2Function of the Stick Electrode CoatingStabilization of thearc and lonizationof the arc spaceProtection of the weldmetal from atmosphericoxygen a

Page 11

Code Weld Position Code Letter ForWelding Position1 all w, h, hü, s, f, q, ü2 all except vertical-down w, h, hü, s, q, ü3 gravity position wfillet wel

Page 12

Stick electrodes can be classified according to their coating as under:Type CodeTypeCoatingCharacteristicsType of Slag-Slag Removal AbilityPenetration

Page 13 - SB 200 CT (230/400 V)

Arc LengthThe arc length "a", that is the distance between the stick electrode and the work, should be:with stick electrodes of coating type

Page 14

4 Welding HintsBecause of the multitude of and great differences in the important points for welding only the very basicoperations for the most common

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