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Metabo develops and produces cordless tools for professionals. The innova-
tive ergonomic style of our new cordless tools guarantees safe use and
reduces user fatigue. With new advances in technology like lithium-ion bat-
teries and our air-cooled charging technology, a new era has begun for
cordless tools. Li-Power batteries are up to 40% lighter and still provide up
to 40% more power than previous battery packs. Our advanced air-cooled
charging technology increases the life span and decreases the charging time
of batteries. Metabo is ahead of the pack. Metabo. Work. Don’t play.
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Summary of Contents


METABOCORDLESS,THE STARTOF SOMETHINGNEW.Metabo develops and produces cordless tools for professionals. The innova-tive ergonomic style of our new cord

Page 2

58CORDLESSBSP18 Plus18V Drill/DriverModel # BSP18 Plus SBP18 PlusOrder # with C45 charger and 2 batteries 602421520 602422520Variospeed (V) electronic


CORDLESS ACCESSORIES AND CHARGERS59Battery and Charger CompatibilityBatteriesACS15 Plus* AC30 AC30 Plus AS S15 LC604.8V-18V4.8V-18V4.8V-18V24V7.2VX X

Page 4

60GRINDERSRough work, grinding, brushing, cutting, finishing and polishing, hardly any tool is usedas much as an angle grinder. Therefore, we have div

Page 6

Vibratech anti-vibration handleThe Vibratech handle is a response to the requests for the reduction of the cumulativeproblems associated with vibratio

Page 7

The right grinder for every application.Class division Type PageANGLE GRINDERS63The compact classMaximum grinding wheel dia.41/2", 5", 6&quo

Page 8

64ANGLE GRINDERSThe NEW Metabo angle grinders work harder, and longer!Extreme Dust protection:“An encapsulated switch, labyrinth seals with double sea

Page 9

ANGLE GRINDERS65Model # W6-115 W7-115 W8-115 W8-115 QuickOrder # 606111420 606204420 600259420 600264420Long lasting motor•••Quick wheel change system

Page 10

66ANGLE GRINDERSWPS7-115 Quick41/2" Angle GrinderModel # WP7-115 Quick WPS7-115 Quick W8-125Order # 606210420 606208420 600263420Long lasting mot

Page 11 - Chargers

Model # WP7-125 Quick WPS7-125 Quick WE9-125 Quick W11-125 QuickOrder # 606211420 606209420 600269420 600270420Vario constamatic (VC)•electronicsLong

Page 12 - GRINDERS

Impuls technologyEnables tight screws to be easily driven orremoved even if the screw heads aredamaged. The Impuls feature also enablesdrilling of smo

Page 13

68ANGLE GRINDERSWE14-125 Plus4 1/2"/ 5" Angle GrinderWB11-150 Quick5"/6" Angle GrinderW11-150 Quick5"/6" Angle GrinderWB


Model # WE14-125 VS WE14-150 Quick WEP14-150 QuickOrder # 601426420 600160420 601452420WE14-125 VSElectronic Variable Speed4 1/2"/ 5" Angle

Page 15

70ANGLE GRINDERSW23-2309" Angle GrinderW23-1807" Angle GrinderMaximum grinding wheel diameter 7" 9"Long lasting motor••Spindle loc

Page 16

ANGLE GRINDERS71W21-2309" Angle SanderModel # W21-230Order # 606405460Order #(non-locking deadman switch)n/aMaximum grinding wheel diameter 9&quo

Page 17

NEW BATTERY LINE WITH LITHIUM-ION TECHNOLOGY51AC30 Plus ChargerWith the introduction of Li-Power a newcharger is necessary:Universal charger AC30 Plus

Page 18

52CORDLESSBSZ 1818V Drill/DriverModel # PowerGrip IIOrder # with charger 600070520& 2 Li-Ion batteries2-speed gearbox•Metal gear housing•Rubber co

Page 19

CORDLESS Li-Ion53Model # BSZ 12 BSZ 14.4Order # w/AC30 Plus chgr. & 2 Li-Ion batts. 602161520 602162520BSZ 1212V Drill/DriverBSZ 14.414.4V Drill/D

Page 20

54CORDLESS Li-IonModel # BSZ 18 SBZ 18Order # w/AC30 Plus chgr. & 2 Li-Ion batts. 602163520 601445520BSZ 1818V Drill/Driver(See page 20-22 for dri

Page 21

CORDLESS55Model # KSAP 18Order # w/AC30 charger and 1 battery 602428420KSAP 18Circular SawASE 18Cordless Reciprocating Saw(See page 92-93 for reciproc

Page 22

56CORDLESSKHA241" SDS Rotary HammerBHA183/4" SDS Rotary HammerModel # BHA18 KHA24Order # with Li-Ion (2.2 Ah) batteries 600219520 600190520S

Page 23

CORDLESS57COMBO 4.14-PC 18V Combo KitModel # COMBO 4.1Order # w/ 2 Li-Ion (2.2 Ah) batteries 685008420Order # w/ 2 NiCad (2.0 Ah) batteries 685004420C

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