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115 115 9270 / D/ENG/F/NL / 3100 - 3.1
Achtung! Lesen Sie diese Anleitung vor der Installation und Inbetriebnahme aufmerksam durch.
Attention! Carefully read through these instructions prior to installation and commissioning.
Attention! Prière de lire attentivement la présente notice avant l'installation et la mise en service.
Attentie! Lees deze instructies voor de installatie en ingebruikname aandachtig door.
Untergestell nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten (Sonderzubehör)
Base not included in Standard Delivery (Optional Accessoires)
Le châssis n’est pas compris dans le programme de livraison (équipement optionnel)
Het onderstel wordt niet standaard meegeleverd (beschikbaar als optie).
Betriebs- und Montageanleitung
Operating Instructions Precision Circular Saw
Notice de service et de montage Scie circulaire
de précision
Handleiding Bediening
PK 300 K
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - PK 300 K

115 115 9270 / D/ENG/F/NL / 3100 - 3.1DAchtung! Lesen Sie diese Anleitung vor der Installation und Inbetriebnahme aufmerksam durch.Attention! Carefull

Page 2

23Remove blade guard and set riving knifeas decribed in paragraph 5.6 of thismanual. Check depth of cut directly on theblade with tape or stick measur

Page 3 - User Responsibility

2411.6 Tenons and Slots- To cut tenons and slots a push block is required as shown in paragraph 8. The recess in the push block has to match theworkpi

Page 4 - 3 Installation

25Tilt machine to the rear and rest on rearhousing panel to have access to the chipcase.Loosen the two bolts size M 12, holdingthe chip case, by 1/2 t

Page 5 - 4 Connection to Power Mains

2615 Wiring DiagramCircuit diagram PK 300 K 4.2 DNB16 Optional AccessoriesSliding Carriage PKS 1500 Stock-no. 0910003291Sliding Carriage PKS 2300 Stoc

Page 6

17 Spare Parts List PK 300 K27Pos. Description Dimension DIN Stock-no.100 Removable table section 863 mm 138 321 3769101 Saw table assembly PK 101 021

Page 7 - 5.5 Setting of Riving Knife

Pos. Description Dimension DIN Stock-no.232 Hex. socket head cap screw M 6x16 912 612 102 3081233 Feather key A 6x4x30 6885 672 105 9322234 Motor 4.2

Page 8 - 9 Safety Rules

U.K Supplement to Operating Instructions for Elektra BeckumPK 300 K Precision Circular SawPlease note the following supplementary information associat

Page 11 - 11.8 Cutting Wedges

DA Elektra Beckum AG, Daimlerstraße 1, D-49716 MeppenTel.: +49-1803-333 456, Fax: +49-1803-333 457 G Metabo UK Ltd., 25 Majestic Road, GB-SO 16 OYTTe

Page 13 - 16 Optional Accessories

16ENGScope of ApplicationThis Elektra Precision Circular Saw is designed to perform rip and crosscuts in wood or wooden materials having a square orre

Page 14 - 17 Spare Parts List PK 300 K

17Install feet into tapped bushes M 10 lo-cated on each corner.Put a hex. nut M 10 on the threaded boltof all 4 adjustable feet.Now tighten all screw

Page 15

184 Connection to Power Mains- This machine must be operated on a residual current operated device of 30 mA capacity, having a fault current breaker.-

Page 16 - Wiring Instructions

194.1 Switch/Overload ProtectionThe switch is equipped with a no-volt release solenoid (magnetic switch), toprevent start-up after a power failure. If

Page 17

TCT blade T = 96 TFØ 300x3.2/2.6x30 mmTrapezium-flat teeth.For solid timber, ply,plastic and aluminiumextrusions, finefurniture boards.Stock-no.091 00

Page 18

7 Overview of Components/Terms1 Riving knife2 Saw blade guard3 Rip fence3a Auxiliary fence4 Mitre fence5 Push stick216 Sliding Carriage7 Table Rear Ex

Page 19 -

22General Safety Precautions- FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY; READ AND UNDERSTAND INSTRUCTION MANUAL BEFORE OPERATING- THE SAW: Learn the saw’s applications as w

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